Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kierstyn's Birthday Money Breakdown

Remember The Meredith Birthday Party Plan 2010? Back in March when we implemented this, I was already dreading September. Why? Because I just knew that Kierstyn would want to plan a huge, labor-intensive, creative party (that girl has been making big plans since the day she was born!). She had 6 long months to plot and plan ideas for her birthday party--eeek!

But you wanna know the CrAzY thing? She decided not to have a birthday party at all. Of course we had a birthday cake in M'boro with cousin Mia. And then she took our whole family out to the Japanese steakhouse for her birthday dinner (her favorite!). On Friday (yes, 2 weeks after her birthday) she decided to have a good friend spend the night. We got a cookie cake, ice cream, M&Ms, and a movie. That qualifies as a "party," right?
Easiest birthday party of the three. Who would've guessed?!

Kierstyn's birthday money breakdown:
cake w/ Mia $15
dinner @ Ichiban $60
cookie cake $8
ice cream $4
M&Ms $3
movie $5

...and the girl has $105 spending money left over!


J Family said...

Way to go Kierstyn!! Looks like with age she has learned a thing or two. That is my kind of girl. Love all the posts lately-- the mirrors, Kierstyn's new shoes, and I can't wait to see your whole outfit. I have to admit I had to look up what SYTYCD was. :)

mm said...

Amazing ~ NOTHING this gal does should surprise me ~ NOTHING. . . she is so capable. . . just amazing, full of surprises, always learning and growing! You have taught her well. I can just imagine her wheels turning in her cute little head on how to spend her remaining $$$ and in my imagining I imagine that she is thinking of spending that $$$ on someone other than herself. That's our girl Kierstyn!! We love you!!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Not only is she cute, she is smart, too! Have fun spending your birthday money, K!

gretchen said...

Smart girl. This girl is my kinda party girl! Easy peasy birthday celebration!

Jennifer M. said...

Sounds like she got it dinner, party, cake, friend, and most of all...FUN! :) SMART!

Amber said...

I need to borrow $20. ;)