Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yes, we got snow, too (and lots of it!!!)

Exactly one week ago tonight Kelly was sitting on a runway in Atlanta hoping that despite the gargantuan snowflakes (he said they were the biggest he's EVER seen!) falling outside his airplane window that he would indeed be able to fly to Texas after all.

Yeah, that didn't exactly happen. The flight was finally canceled at 11:30pm (original departure time--7:00pm) and he was left to figure out what to do. What did he decide to do, you ask? He chose to rent a car and drive home from Atlanta--a normal 2 1/2 hr drive turned into more than 5 hrs.--driving 30-40mph on completely snow-covered interstate roads.

It's just a good thing I was sleeping....or I might have stayed up all night worrying. The front door opened at 6:30 am and in walked Kelly. I was rather excited myself because that meant that he was going to be SNOWED IN with us!!!

We got 8 inches of snow and school was canceled for the entire week (plus Monday is MLK Day and so the break is extended...). The kids had such a fun time playing with all the neighborhood kids that they never seem to have time to play with--sledding, building snowmen and snow forts, lots of hot chocolate and apple cider, playing video games, etc.

And I enjoyed being stuck at home. :)

Day 2 sledding at the elementary school down the street:


Kelly spent all of SNOW DAY 1 working on a snow luge in the backyard. He had a little help from the kids and I was the resident water bucket filler. The snow was kind of powdery the first day but by SNOW DAY 2 Trevin was able to make a snowman.

And here we are on SNOW DAY 3.....You can see the luge on the left and what is left of Trevin's snowman on the right (he decided to take a baseball bat to it):

The past couple of days it finally warmed up enough to melt some of the snow.

I can't help but wonder if this is any indication of what winter weather is yet to come???


J Family said...

Sounds like a great snow week!! The weather sure does seem to be surprising many this year. Hopefully our surprises here are over. We had sun today and I think it is even supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow- very excited!! Poor Alexis is a true desert girl-we have arguments everyday about how she can't wear her summer attire just yet! :)

Jennifer M. said...

Sounds like heaven to me. I'm so glad that Kelly was safe and that you all had so much fun creating...and destroying. :) Love the luge idea! The weather around the globe has been crazy this year.