Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hawaii: Celebrity Sightings and such

It just so happens that we ran into Steven Tyler not 1, not 2, but 3 times during our stay in Maui! The first time we were driving back from the lava fields and we saw him across the street from the house he was (supposedly) staying at. He was in a little cove/beach area with another couple and two small children. We didn't even realize it was him until after we had passed but another car had pulled off the road in front of us and told us that it was Steven Tyler. Of course we turned back around and sure enough--it was him!

The next day we were downstairs in our hotel by the spa/shops/etc. We walked by the jewelry store and I looked in and there he was again! He was with his girlfriend, no doubt buying her something large and expensive. :) Kelly followed him into a clothing store and then called Kierstyn to tell her that he was standing 15 feet away from Steven Tyler. Kelly saw his chance to go ask for a picture so he hung up on Kierstyn (so he could use his camera phone) and followed Steven out asking, "Mr. Tyler, can I get a picture with you? My daughter loves you."

To which Mr. Tyler replied, "Well where is she? Is she here? Is she on the phone?"

Kelly told him that he had just hung up on her.

Steven Tyler said, "Well call her back!"

He grabbed the phone from Kelly and talked to Kierstyn for a few minutes. It's all kind of a blur, I'm not even sure what he said to her. I was sure she wouldn't really believe it was him but there is no mistaking Steven Tyler's voice. It can't be duplicated. :) Kierstyn told him that she was going to see him in 5 years when she was old enough to try out for American Idol. Steven Tyler said, "I LOVE this girl!" It was really crazy.
After the picture, Steven Tyler ran into a store to get a piece of paper to sign for her. (Which was really nice because we hadn't even asked him for an autograph.) He's definitely pretty "out there" but I have to say that I was surprised by his genuine niceness.

(I can't get the picture to turn the right way for some reason.)
We saw him again our last night in Maui about an hour before we headed to the airport. He was in our hotel lobby again (apparently he shops/eats/etc. at our hotel a lot while he's in Maui), only this time he was swarmed with people. He was very gracious again and signed autographs and let people take pictures of him. Personally, I think he really liked all the attention.

Another celebrity, Damon Wayans, was staying at our hotel. One of the guys in our group had seen him a couple mornings working out. On our last night Kelly and I had reservations at Capische?, where we dined on apple-smoked bacon-wrapped quail with sage & pine nut brown butter and had the most divine dessert I have ever tasted.
View from our table:We had the hotel car drop us off and soon after we had been seated Damon and two friends came in and sat two tables away from us. After dinner we called for the hotel car to come pick us up and we went to wait out front. When our Tahoe arrived the driver asked us if we would mind waiting a few minutes because another party had called for a ride as well. I looked at Kelly and said, "You know that we're getting ready to ride in the car with Damon Wayans." Sure enough, here he comes. He didn't really talk much on the way back to our hotel but we did chat with his two friends. When we got back to our hotel Kelly asked him for a picture but he said he was on vacation. Whatever loser.

We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort while in Maui. Yeah, it was really, really nice. :)

Here is the view from our room:

and the view from breakfast every morning:
Serenity Pool


J Family said...

Still laughing about the "whatever loser"!! :) That is awesome that Steven Tyler was so kind and I am sure Kierstyn has just been giddy about it. I would love to stand by Steven Tyler all day just so he could make me look that much better! :) haha Oh and I loved hearing about the food- I was going to ask if there was going to be a post on all the foods you ate.

Anonymous said...

Thx. Maybe now my husband will believe me. I was on Maui a week ago. Can't remember exact date but prob Feb 10/11. I thought I saw Damon Wayans as I was on the phone w/ my husband who was back at home in Rochester, NY. Told him I just saw Wayans going into a Sushi Bar at the Wailea Shops, and because I'm usually bad at recognizing people my husband didnt believe me. I too saw Steven Tyler the same day, he was so kind and genuine.