Sunday, March 27, 2011


is very thoughtful and kind to smaller children
is competitive and wants to always win
loves egg omelets and eggs in the middle
is respectful to adults
always tries to do his best for others
likes to sleep in
is athletic (good runner, wrestler, and likes basketball)
loves to play on the computer
is very content to play by himself and is very creative
likes to tear things apart, play with Legos, and play basketball games by himself.
Love, Dad

is my "baby"
likes to snuggle with me
still gives me kisses (when I drop him off at school, before every wresting match)
loves egg sandwiches and Fruit Chillers
doesn't put his clothes in his hamper
loves little kids and is especially good with his younger cousins
is athletic-wrestler, shoots hoops at home, fast runner, playing soccer
likes to play with Legos
pouts when asked to take a shower
loves to read--Geronimo Stilton and A to Z Mysteries are his favorites right now--he usually reads in the car all the way home from school
is excited to be a Cub Scout
likes to take (electronic) things apart
is very good (behavior and grades) at school
has good manners
likes to play the computer & his iPod
doesn't sit in his chair at the kitchen table (usually eats standing up)
still has the cutest smile and dimple
Love, Mom

loves Legos and sleeping in
is energetic, smart, and cries a lot
likes the computer and iPod
is loving, kinda sporty, and loves sugar
Love, Kyler

is such a sweetheart. He is very compassionet to everyone. His is REALLY GOOD with little children. He can also get very aggressive. He wrestles like a wild beast!!! Even though we do not always get along, DEEP DOWN inside we love each other more than Romeo loved Juliet, the Moon loves the stars, and even more than my mom loves my dad. I am so happy that he is turning 8! I am excpeccially proud of him for choosing to get baptized!!!!!!!!!! Trevin is so...
Love, Kierstyn
Happy Birthday, Trevin!


Lisha said...

I can't believe he's eight! Happy Birthday!

Meghan said...

I agree with words the family said! But, I'd like to add that he has the cutest belly button ever!

Happy Birthday Trev! I sure love you! I especially love your hugs and how good you are to your younger cousins!

gretchen said...

OH My goodness...your baby is 8! Happy Birthday little man!

Denise said...

Our kids have such CLOSE bdays! When is Kiersten's? Kelsey turns 8 on FRIDAY! She is getting baptized on Saturday...what a fun time.

Mama Mary said...

Can I just squeeze this boy or what?!?! LOVE these pictures, expecially the last one. GREAT remarks! All could be said about his daddy (well, all but the reading) when he was a kid. I LOVED getting my morning kiss when I dropped him off at school ~ both of your boys are good huggers and I still get kisses from them :>) Happy 8th Birthday Trevin. Thought about you so much today. We love you and are very pleased with your choice to be baptized. C U on Saturday!

McKenzie said...

I just love the way Trevin makes my baby smile and laugh. She loves that boy!! She has slept with the baby doll he brought her every night.

I love watching him wrestle! He is a beast on the mat.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

danakat said...

Your baby is 8??? Wow.
He is such a doll! I could seriously look at that little face all day.

Scott said...

"Even more than mom loves dad" ha ha ha. Kierstyn's a riot! Happy birthday Trev!

J Family said...

Happy Birthday buddy!! The girls have been thinking about him a lot and his big day. Love to hear all the things about Trevin!!!

Quincy Sorensen said...

What a nice way to remember Trevin's birthday! I especially love what Big Sister wrote!