Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vollyball & Soccer

This Spring we spent our Saturdays at the Y. Kierstyn played volleyball and Trevin played soccer. It was the first time either of them had played that sport and they both really enjoyed their seasons.

Kierstyn had a great coach that all the girls loved. She was the smallest on her team (playing with 10-14 year olds) but Kierstyn is a real hustler. Serving the ball over the net proved to be difficult for most of the girls, including Kierstyn, but we think with a little more practice she could be a real super star! She is very aggressive on the court and quick to call for the ball.

Trevin loved soccer! No one could believe that it was his first time playing on a soccer team. He is a natural. (Must have gotten his skills from his mama; well, more likely, from his Uncle Jason.) He is ALL OVER the field. His coach finally gave up trying to teach him to stay on his side of the field and just put him at center midfielder so that he could go wherever/everywhere. He was also awesome at throw-ins.

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Mama Mary said...

Two hours doesn't seem that far away, however, I sadly couldn't work it out to be there for any games - thought about it a LOT!!! One thing I know for SURE is that these super stars did NOT get their athletic gene from me! LOVE to watch them particpate. . .in anything! Great job to both for an excellent season in a new sport. Whew! These kids are amazing!!