Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo-a-day JULY

I love Instagram!  I recently discovered this little gem of an app on my iPhone and I think it has changed my life.  Haha.  I took the Photo-a-day Challenge for July and it was so much fun!  I didn't get a picture every single day but it is so much fun to see my month at-a-glance in pictures.  So many memories.  Like visiting cousins in Provo on Day 5.  And going to the American Idol concert on Day 16.  A yummy steak dinner in Chicago on Day 21 and saying good-bye to Mama Mary on Day 26.  I think I'm taking August off but I'll definitely be back for more photo-a-day fun. :)

{Day 1: self-portrait}

{Day 2: busy}

{Day 4: fun}

{Day 5: on the floor}

{Day 6: chair(s)}

{Day 8: lunch}

{Day 9: big}

{Day 12: texture}

{Day 13: open}

{Day 15: finger(s)}

{Day 16: sign}

{Day 17: your addiction}

{Day 20: eyes}

{Day 21: 9 o'clock}

{Day 22: upside down}

{Day 23: mirror}

{Day 25: heart}

{Day 26: sunshine}

{Day 27: on the road}

{Day 28: cup}

{Day 29: last thing I bought}

{Day 30: calm}

{Day 31: toothbrush}


Mama Mary said...

Awesome! That was fun. Hurry back for September! :>)

kg said...

I will refrain from saying 'I told you so' about instagram-at our pizza lunch in Chattanooga :) I love your photo-a-days...how about two a day in August! Yay!