Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Memories

I asked my kids what they will remember about this summer and this is what they said....

*Kyler's 4 wheeler wreck
*THE hole
*Basketball & Vocal camp
*Football camp
*Mama Mary's visit
*Trip to California
*Spending time with our Jasperson cousins
*New friends
*Pulling weeds
*Playing board/card games
*Hanging out with the Hitts
*Hot springs
*Occupational therapy visits to the hospital
*Playing baseball/softball
*BYU bookstore & Brick Oven in Provo with Meredith cousins
*Shooting a rabbit


Meghan said...

Y'all have had fun this summer!

Mama Mary said...

Lots of summer fun!!! Time to start on a new list of fun!!!