Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts on my birthday eve

The summer is quickly coming to a close.  We have one more week of freedom and then school begins.  We are all ready.  It has been a good summer.  It's hard to believe we moved to Idaho less than 3 months ago.  We have quickly found our place here and we have all made so many good friends.  I'm sure that the kids will make even more friends once school starts.

Kyler went back to see his orthopedic surgeon last week and has been cleared with no restrictions.  There is some concern that his right thumb is not working completely.  He can't do the "hitchhiker" with it and the doctor thinks that either 1. the tendon repair did not hold and it's not attached or 2. the tendon is stuck to scar tissue.  As long as Kyler is ok with the function he has he will not need to have another surgery.  At this point he seems to be doing everything with his right hand without any problems so we will probably wait another month before we decide what to do.

Kierstyn sang at the county fair on Friday.  She has been practicing for weeks.  She sang "American Honey", "Suds in the Bucket", "Sparks Fly", & "Like My Mother Does" and she sounded just beautiful.  She got lots of compliments/comments about her performance as we walked around the fair afterwards.  I will post video as soon as we can figure out how to get it off of Kelly's iPad.  Kierstyn is currently obsessed with planning her birthday party (less than 3 weeks away--yikes!).  We have decided on an outdoor movie party with popcorn & candy, etc.  Should be fun.

The kids went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and all of them had multiple cavities.  Ugh.  The dentist also recommended that Trevin see a speech pathologist to correct his tongue thrust while swallowing.  We have always noticed that his teeth didn't come together in front but didn't know that this was the cause of it.  I met the speech pathologist at the hospital (same place Kyler has been going to OT for his hand all summer) and she was so nice.  She didn't seem overly concerned about Trevin's teeth and gave me some exercises to do with him at home.  Hopefully we can correct it on our own with a little work.

I am a lucky mom. I love my kids.  I've had a fun summer with them.  I will miss them next week when they go to school. Kyler and Kierstyn are planning to make me a birthday cake tomorrow.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Tonight they stayed up late with me to finish a puzzle we've been working on.  Kyler was funny, saying how he never thought we'd be putting puzzles together in Idaho...or playing board games (we've been playing a lot of games lately) when we moved here.  Last night we had friends over for dinner and we had fun telling funny stories of things that happened to the kids when they were little.  Poor Trevin....we weren't telling any stories about him and he kept asking, "Did you think of a story about me yet?" :0 Can someone please remind me of stories about him? Have I just blocked them all out?!

Looking forward to a relaxing day with my kiddos tomorrow as I celebrate being another year older.  Now if I could only remember how old I am now....


kg said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your cake :)

Meghan said...

Y'all have had a fun summer! So glad to hear the good report on Ky's hand- though he won't be hitchhiking with his right hand.

Stories about Trev? Maybe you blocked them out because he was less than pleasant? I don't know. I can't even think about Heath when he was younger- too much stress. Trev didn't want a lot to do with one else.

I remember Trev getting into the hot chocolate container and eating it. And then when he was like 4 dressing up in that white dress with those sparkly heels.

Mama Mary said...

Happy Birthday! Love the updates and summary ~ it was a great summer ~ minus the "accident" :>)
Meghan's memories of Trevin were my first thoughts too. He has always been so good with the "little ones" ~ those times are sweet memories!