Thursday, September 6, 2012

August iPhone Pics

My favorite picture of the month!

 My grown-up girl

AKA Sleeping Beauty (yes, she really did fall asleep with her hands in prayer)

This boy can entertain himself for hours.  He found a box of Bendaroos and spent several days making all kinds of creations.

At church last Sunday he found a roll of masking tape in my church bag so he spent all of Sacrament meeting quietly tearing off small pieces of tape and making something....which eventually turned into a gun after working on it several more hours at home later that day.

PEACHES!  Kelly and I had a triple-date with friends on Monday afternoon.  We drove down to Brigham City and hit up the fruit stand for peaches, raspberries, & apples.  I canned some peaches the other night and made some peach cobbler filling for the freezer.


Dawn, said...

Love the first pic too... my kids LIVE in mud boots!

Meghan said...

That is my favorite picture too :) I love those three kids!!!

I need to come to terms that all these kids are growing up. Your grown up girl will be 12 tomorrow. How in the world?

He made all those animals out of masking tape? That's incredible. So smart and creative.

kg said...

I'm impressed with your peach skills :)