Friday, September 28, 2012

Dinner Conversation

ALL of the kids have been eating school lunch this year but everyone (not just my kids) is complaining about how they hardly get any food (thanks Mrs. Obama).  Trevin is my picky eater and truthfully it was a bit of a stretch to expect him to find anything he'd actually eat in the school cafeteria but darn it, I just HATE packing lunches.  Grrrr!  Well I've been thinking all week about how I really need to start making him take a lunch from home so tonight at dinner I decided to get his take on the school lunch situation.

Me:  So do you think you should start taking your lunch to school?

Trev: Yeah, but can we get good stuff like everyone else?

Me:  Like what?

Trev:  Chips.

Me: Um, no.  What else would you like?

Trev:  Gushers.

Me:  I don't think so.  Is there anything else?

Trev:  Pop Tarts.

Me:  (shaking my head) Seriously? No!

Tell me he'll thank me someday for insisting that he eat healthy foods.  Right?  RIGHT?  (And just for the record he DOES eat plenty of junk.)


The Hales said...

Jen, I agree, I do not like packing lunches, yet I hate it even more paying for a lunch that my children are starving after they eat lunch. Here is an idea that works wonderful in my family. I give each kid 20 dollars for school lunch. They can pocket it or use it to buy school lunches. The deal is they have to fix a lunch with the food that is in the house. Logan pockets the money and packs his lunch every day. Sarah eats lunch only on the days that there is something she will eat. I do not have to pack lunches for them. (I do help them pack them when I have caused them to be late, or they are sick, or something like that). Just thought you might want an idea.

Meghan said...

LOL!!! Yes- he'll thank you. :)

Mama Mary said...

Whoa. . . hold on. . . these "healthy" lunches at school have chips, gushers and top tarts. . .or is that just what T was wanting to have??

Ashley said...

oh man we are doing hot lunch and thomas really wants to bring one. I am like you though, so don't cave in! Thomas always says he doesn't have enough time to finish his lunch. Maybe Trevin can just go finish Thomas' plate when the bell rings. ahha

Scott said...

As one who still dabbles in a pack of gushers around lunch time I have to sympathise with his wants. However, as a new parent that, just hours ago, caught his step kids hiding in the kitchen cupboard squeezing honey straight into their mouths, I can sympathize with your intents. Dang, I am torn. What about a healthy sandwich AND gushers? Compromise?