Monday, September 10, 2012

The BIG birthday bash!

Our Kierstyn turned 12 and she threw a BIG birthday bash with all her friends to celebrate!!! 

A couple of years ago we came up with the Meredith Birthday Plan and we've loved the genius of it ever since.  When birthday time rolls around, each kid is given $200.  They can choose to have a big party, a small party, no party, go shopping, save their money, etc, whatever they want, but they're in charge of whatever they decide to do.  Most years the kids have just taken the money and run :) but this year Kierstyn decided to make all her party-planning dreams come true.  In true Kierstyn fashion, she invited the entire 6th grade to her Outdoor Movie Night Birthday Party....and it was a roaring success!

Here are the cute invites that {Kyler} made after seeing this on the Internet (thank heavens for the Internet...and kids with computer skills!)

I was so proud of how well Kierstyn planned and budgeted her money. (You can see the full party budget breakdown below.) Plus she's just so cute with her black notebook full of lists. :) Weeks before the big night we headed out to the craft store to get started on decorations.  We had a fun time making banners, food labels, and invitations.  We got most of our inspiration here.

The menu consisted of hot dogs, buttered popcorn, cheddar popcorn, candy, "fancy" drinks (pop in glass bottles), and cupcakes.

When the guests arrived they voted on which movie they wanted to watch.  (Journey 2 was the winner.)

The super cute cupcakes!  These were everywhere on the Internet and I was SO happy that mine actually turned out as cute as the ones I'd seen on the computer. :)  We got the free Popcorn printable here.

Lots and lots of friends came to party!!  It was so fun to watch a movie with a bunch of 6th graders....they screamed at all the scary parts and laughed out loud at all the funny parts.  So cute!

My baby girl is growing up!  
I wonder what she'll come up with next year....

This is how she spent her money:

Supplies for invitations, banners, & voting box-- $17
Food, drinks, napkins-- $88
Popcorn tubs & yellow baskets-- $18
Glow necklaces & bracelets-- $18


{In the interest of full disclosure, I paid for cupcake supplies ($11), red tubs for drinks & candy ($10), reusable red tablecloths ($10) but only because they're mine now that the party is over.}


kg said...

Fun, fun, cute, cute and yummy! What a fantastic party! Way to go party people :) Come plan my parties please??

Meghan said...

Kierstyn totally needs to be a party or wedding planner. Seriously. She has the perfect personality for it.

What a fun party!!! And I love the invitations that Ky did. :) She is growing up so quickly. Please hug and kiss that girl for me!! I miss her and all her personality.

Mama Mary said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Everything was so incredibly genuis! As fun as the birthday bash was I imagine the planning and preparing was equally as fun! Whoo-hoo! Way to go party girl! One day we will be saying, "I knew Kierstyn Meredith when. . . "

Kimberly Cone said...

Oh this makes me miss y'all even more. So darling!

Ashley said...

Oh I am so glad to have found your blog. And I looked at your books you've read blog too, I'm impressed. I love reading, we may have to start a book club even if it's just the two of us who discuss them :-) Seriously love your birthday plan with your kids and it looks like everything went so well. Kierstyn is so much fun and I was impressed with her last Sunday. Definitely glad to have you guys in our ward. Wish our SYTYCD party tomorrow night would be this epic, ahha. The suspense of who won is killing me.

Natalie said...

Ok, so cute! Sounds like the funnest night ever! You are too creative friend!