Monday, October 15, 2012

Instagram is taking over!

I've been a little absent from the blog lately.  I blame it on the convenience of Instagram on my iPhone. It's just so darn easy and then I don't take the time to blog.  I'll try to do better....but no promises! :)
1. Asleep with a good book  2. What we do for Date Night around here   3. First time shooting a gun   4. Quilt: squares cut   5. Quilt: border sewn   6. Quilt: squares sewn together
7. Mom & Trev-Date Night at home   8. Trev ready for the Primary Program at church
9. Cute boy saying hi to cousin Adaleigh

 1. Mr. Blue Eyes   2. My big boy   3. Sis  
4. General Conference surprise bags   5. Watching General Conference   6. The Entertainer
7. Deciding what to wear for family pictures  8&9. Sneak peek of family pics 
1. Animal masks made by my Cub Scouts   2. Ready for bed
3. Wrapping cousin Christmas presents   4. My to-do list

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Mama Mary said...

Yeah ~ one more thing crossed off your to do list!