Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend in Salt Lake City

One of our favorite families, the Greenfields were in Salt Lake City this weekend and we were so excited to spend some time with them.  We also squeezed in a stop at the new Scheels Sporting Goods store and were wowed by the indoor ferris wheel and bowling alley!

Our favorite parts of the weekend were hanging out with dear friends, seeing the temple, and eating  lots of yummy food!

Chocolate cream cake from the Lion House Pantry-yum!

 Sunday morning we went to Music and the Spoken Word in the Tabernacle.  It was so awesome!
Afterwards we toured the Conference Center.  This is taken looking across at the temple from the roof of the Conference Center.
And of course I couldn't resist a picture of these 2 cute future missionaries. :)
 What a beautiful place!

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kg said...

What a fun weekend!! We should make it a fall tradition :)