Monday, December 31, 2012

More December I-Phone pictures (LOTS of 'em!)

A lot happened in December!  
Trip to Seattle
Kelly and I took off for a quick weekend trip to Seattle leaving behind 3 kids who had just gotten over the stomach bug.  We were able to enjoy a Saturday night walking at Pike Place Market and a delicious meal before I woke up on Sunday morning guessed it, the stomach bug.  I spent the entire day in the hotel room while Kelly went to dinner with one of his technicians.  

Buddy the Elf
Our elf, Buddy, came back this year.  Once again he didn't get into too much mischief but there was that one day he toilet papered our tree and that morning we found that he left a message with the cotton balls on the counter.  We had a hard time finding him the last day but Trevin eventually found him in the freezer where he had made a snowman!

A few random pictures....Trev and I watching the movie Elf, my sleepy boy, MY BEAUTIFUL NEW KITCHEN TABLE (Merry Christmas to me!), and a stocked freezer was a welcomed gift from my Dad.


Kierstyn had a party! 
(click here for more pictures)

We spent a few evenings making these cute invites

and props for a photo booth

 The Great Christmas Tree Mishap
We were excited to get a REAL Christmas tree this year.  We were not, however, excited to have it come crashing down not one, not two, but THREE times.  By the third tip-over I had had enough and did NOT want it in the house anymore so out it went.  This is our sad little empty spot after it was removed (note the ornaments all over the floor).
Luckily a well-timed package from Mama Mary that same day seemed to lessen the blow.
A few days later I came home from Tumbling to discover that Kierstyn had snuck down to the basement and brought up one of our little trees.  She just couldn't stand that we didn't have a Christmas tree. :)
It's December, right?  So of course we were the recipients of way too many yummy treats!  I made several batches of caramel corn and we delivered cinnamon roasted almonds to many of our friends.  I got this plate full of treats from one of my Cub Scouters with this sweet note.  

And I'll leave you with another bit of random.....
Kelly and I were driving home and got caught in a cattle drive.
And lastly, SNOW.  I'd better get used to this view because I have a feeling this is all I'm going to see for a good long while.

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Mama Mary said...

Awww ~ thank you ~ that was very therapeutic ~ lessens the miles for sure. OXOXOXOXO