Friday, January 4, 2013

Park City, UT

And the fun continues with Daddy in charge!  Kelly and the kids spent the night in Park City, UT where they played, played, and played some more. (I'm so glad my kids have a fun Dad!)

Cool ice sculptures/chairs at the swanky hotel

She looks so grown up to me here...
Kierstyn & Trev ice skated

while these two handsome fellows spectated.

Pre- Polar Swim
YES, they were in the OUTDOOR pool and it was 7 degrees outside!!!

 The next day they all went tubing. Looks fun but cold!

This boy can EAT!  I don't know how he ever got that in his mouth.
But he did!

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Mama Mary said...

Awesome! That burger? or whatever that giant thing was ~ WAS EATEN?? No wonder that man/child is so big!