Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Windy (and Brrrrrrrrr-y) City

We went to Chicago for the weekend with our friends, Scott and Mandi.  It was a fun getaway, even if I did have (self-diagnosed) bronchitis.  Chicago is one of Kelly's favorite cities and I like it a lot too.  But next time I'm going when it's warmer!

We had massages (=heaven), rode the subway (a first for me), shopped A LOT, went to Navy Pier,

took several taxi rides (another first for me!), ate LOTS of yummy food--the breakfast beignets at the Grand Lux are worth another trip to Chicago...even in the winter,
stayed at The Palmer House (this is the ceiling in the lobby),

and went to the top of the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower)

Super fun trip!

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Ashley said...

Massages and good food that is a great vacation to me! Oh man that is also one of Nolan's favorite cities to visit, both for the activities to do there and the food! Unfortunately I have not yet made it there with him. Sorry you were still sick. That is always such a letdown after so much planning goes into a trip. It's always best to travel somewhere warmer than your current condition!