Friday, January 4, 2013

While Mommy's away, the kids (and Daddy) will play...

I headed to Iowa with my mom a couple of days after Christmas to visit my Grandma and family.  I left Kelly at home with the kids and I can promise you that there was no shortage of fun.

There was definitely some shopping involved. Kelly took Kierstyn to Boise where she promptly spent all her Christmas money (and then some...) on some new clothes.

Trevin got a cool new sweatshirt.
The boys got cool new hairdos, too.

The biggest highlight, however, was when he took them skiing/snowboarding for the first time!  Kierstyn and Trevin learned to snowboard and Kyler learned to ski at Pomerelle, a ski resort near our house.  It was tough going at first but eventually they all got the hang of it.

Trevin, Wasey, Kierstyn, Kyler

Kierstyn & Trevin 
Kyler on skiis!

Trevin crashed a lot but by the end of the night he had figured out how to roll right out of a tumble and stand back up.

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Mama Mary said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Brrry fun times!