Wednesday, March 27, 2013

50 "Favorites" from my favorite {10} year old

What's your favorite.....
1. breakfast cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2. type of weather? sunshine
3. outfit? jeans and a tshirt
4. color? purple
5. friend? Blake
6. thing to do with your dad? have fun
7. song? Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
8. game? Killer Bunnies
9. vegetable? corn
10. movie? Little Rascals
11. restaurant? Smoothie King
12. day of the year? March 27th
13. Halloween costume you've worn? mummy
14. tv show? Tom and Jerry
15. thing to do on a Sunday? go to church
16. drink? Mountain Dew
17. fruit? strawberry
18. animal? dog
19. sports team? Florida Gators
20. chore? cleaning the mirrors
21. day of the week? Saturday
22. city? Malta
23. wintertime activity? snowboarding
24. ice cream topping? Skittles
25. book? Wonder by R.J. Palacio 
26. thing that flies? airplane
27. thing to do with your mom? snuggle
28. smell? good food
29. cousin? Adaleigh
30. holiday? Christmas
31. form of exercise? running
32. hero? Flash
33. electronic device? my iPod
34. thing to do with Kyler? play the Wii
35. time of day? when I get home from school
36. sport to play? wrestling
37. store? Under Armour
38. teacher? Mrs. Methvin
39. subject in school? Reading
40. thing to do at recess? play basketball, soccer, & football
41. web site?
42. candy bar? Hershey's plain chocolate bar
43. place that you've lived? Tennessee
44. thing to do with Kierstyn? play outside
45. dinner that mom made? puffy oven pancakes
46. thing to do on the weekend? play with my friends
47. video game? College Football on the Wii
48. summertime activity? play with my friends
49. present you've ever given? picture blocks to my cousins
50. thing to do with your family? go on vacations

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE 10 year old!!!!

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Meghan said...

I love that song too! :)