Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BYU Women's Conference {Twenty-Thirteen}

I am one lucky girl to have such wonderful friends.  And even luckier to have a husband that allows/wants/encourages/enables me to spend time with them!  I met Kim and Nat in UT to play (and attend Women's Conference) for 5 days early in May.

 at the airport
 First stop: Draper Temple
 And then a trip to IKEA-yay!!!!

From there we headed down to Provo to check into our student housing apartment.

For the next 2 days we heard many wonderful speakers, were edified, and buoyed up to be better wives, mothers, and friends.  We also ate chocolate covered cinnamon bears, shopped at the BYU bookstore, and just enjoyed being together.

On Friday night we headed to Salt Lake City for a few more days of fun.
We couldn't stop laughing at "Towel Guy" when we were checking in to the hotel.  Seriously?!
We enjoyed an early morning walk around Temple Square one morning.

 We got makeovers at Sephora, did LOTS of shopping, ate French toast at Kneaders (sooooo yummy!), and went to see the new Provo temple that is being built.

It was a perfect Girls trip, just what I needed!  And now I just have to try to wait patiently for the next one.


Ashley said...

Such a fun weekend!! I too love the French toast at kneaders! I am hungry thinking about it right now.

Mary said...

Love this!!

kg said...

Such a fun trip!! Can't wait until next year :)

Mary Kathryn Jasperson said...

So fun!!! Seriously I might need to take the kids to kneaders in the morning. ;) And the towel guy- I don't think I would had been able to keep quiet about that one.