Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{April} Instagram

1. Stylin' in those fashion glasses
2. Early morning Hunters Ed cram session
3. Saturday morning run
4. Mama Mary strikes again!
5. Must be Monday
6. Women's Conference packet arrives in the mail
7. My baby is back!!!
8. Kierstyn's volcano projects
9. Miss Carlee at the carnival

I just can't stop taking pictures of my cute Trevin (especially when he's asleep)
We had an impromptu movie night at the new house.

We went to St. George...
1. Me and Sis cruisin' in the car
2. Cute Meredith
3. Trev sneaking yet another chocolate-covered strawberry
4. Superheroes!
Playing Minute It To Win It
  Me & my cute boyfriend :)

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