Thursday, January 30, 2014


Whew! I can't believe it's the end of January already. This month has flown by. 

I finally gave in to the kids pleas and signed up for Netflix.  We are all enjoying this new way to watch tv. I introduced Trevin to MacGyver and he loved it...just like I knew he would. We are slowly making our way through the first season together. 
Our weather has been unusually warm and (sadly) unseasonably dry. I say "sadly" because if we don't get enough snow/rain in the winter then the farmers won't have enough water to irrigate their crops this summer. And since pretty much everyone around here is dependent on farming for their livelihood, this is a scary thing. I, however, have definitely enjoyed the warmer temps. One day I even took Tank for a run/walk on one of my favorite gravel roads.
 Beautiful January day!
While it's been warm and dry for most of January, we did have ONE day of snow. It was gone by the next day though.
Trevin's artwork:
 Kierstyn had a school project to do on the story A Christmas Carol. She decided to dress Trevin up as Tiny Tim and make a crutch. I'm not sure what grade she got but he sure was cute.
 Kelly started a youth wrestling program here. We have had 30+ boys out to practice and it's been a lot of fun. I've kept busy signing kids up for tournaments and sending out emails. Trevin got some new wrestling shoes!
The biggest thing keeping me busy this month is my new calling at church as the Young Women President (girls ages 12-18). I have been busy planning activities, having meetings, and getting things organized. I have some amazing helpers who are making my job easy and fun!
Last week we had a photo scavenger hunt:
 This week Tonya gave my class a cooking lesson and the girls made recipe books to take with them when they graduate. We made fettuccine alfredo and cajun chicken pasta. It was delicious!


Ashley said...

We must both have blogging on the brain today. I've been trying to update. Your YW activities look fun. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job, which I had no doubt. Way to start up young wrestling. You guys are such a valuable addition to Malta!

Mary Kathryn Jasperson said...

Congratulations on your calling!! :) I know you will be amazing at it. Where in the world did January go?!