Monday, February 10, 2014


While the Midwest/South/Northeast has been hammered this winter with snow and freezing temperatures we have enjoyed a very mild winter.  So much so that we have been praying for moisture because without it our farmers will not have any water for their crops this spring. We finally got a big snow on Friday. We were all hoping school would be canceled but even with the roads like this at 7:00am school was on. 
The snow didn't let up all day and finally they dismissed school at 1:30. By Friday night we had 7 inches of snow. Trevin said, "Mom! I think this is the most snow I've ever seen!" :)
It was supposed to snow all weekend and we were all pretty excited at the prospect of being snowed in....but Friday night it warmed up and the snow turned into rain. By Saturday afternoon there wasn't much snow left, just lots and lots of water. We had a pond in the backyard!


Dawn, said...

My nephew Josh is in Idaho (not sure where exactly) but he got 3 FEET of snow over weekend, CRAZY!!!

the solomon family said...

I love the way your beautiful home looks in the snow!!!!

Ashley said...

Oh I wish this would have stayed! That was so fun. We are still dealing with standing water in the yard. Hating all the muddy mess!