Friday, March 14, 2014

Mudroom Complete (Well almost....)

Another home project (almost) complete! This is our "mudroom."  Technically it's not a room, really just a walk-through from the garage into the kitchen but in my world it's a mudroom. :) EVERYONE enters my house through the garage which typically includes my family of 5 plus at least 6-10 high school students at lunch time, and several more friends after school. Every. Single. Day. We're kind of the neighborhood half-way house. And I like that. No, I LOVE that. (It's nice to know where your kids are and who they're hanging out with.) 
Anyways, this walk-through was pretty much a disaster because there was NO FUNCTION whatsoever. But that's ok, because I've been dreaming/planning/designing this space even before we moved in. I just had to wait patiently for Kelly to tackle it. I dream it up; Kelly actually makes it happen. We're a good team that way.

So.....this was the BEFORE. Actually it was usually much, much worse with lots more shoes thrown all over the hallway and more coats piled up on the red bucket. The plastic drawers and red bucket (classy, I know) used to hold our gloves, hats, scarves, etc. 
 This is the view standing in the kitchen. That door goes out to the garage.
First things first. Clear out all the junk.
I bought some cute turquoise buckets at Target months and months ago to hold all our winter gear and we pretty much designed our system around those buckets.
Getting started:
 Trimming out the front
 I love beadboard!
Getting close! There's those cute turquoise buckets. I ended up ordering my hooks online because I couldn't find any I liked at the hardware stores. I love the stain on the bench.

Here's where the "almost" comes in...I hung a ladder above for decoration and hung these frames there. Eventually they will have actual pictures of my cute kiddos in there (you know, as soon as we get some pictures taken.) :)
 I added chalkboard labels to the front of the buckets so we can keep all our stuff together and know whose stuff is whose.
 I seriously couldn't be happier. They turned out even better than I had imagined!

Here's a side-by-side Before and After:
What's not to love?!


kg said...

Love, love! Can't wait to be walking through those doors too and sitting on that bench taking my shoes off :) I really like the stained bench against the white too. And we'll get some cute pics to go in those frames ;-)

Denise said...

This is PERFECT!!!! Dreamy....and wonderful! Now hopefully your kids keep it cleaner than my kids keep ours!

Ashley said...

You have such a good eye! I had no idea there were chalkboard tabs out there. It is so cute and I am sure you will love it! I am jealous how close you are to the school and all of the kids. My dream is to have kids come home at lunchtime and after school, alas I doubt it ever happens here!