Wednesday, April 30, 2014


April started out with a fluke snowstorm. It was short-lived (like the other snowstorms we had this winter) but it was not a welcome sight in April.
The Monday after Spring Break is always tough!
We had our cabinet maker build these built-ins for the basement. I am so in love!
2nd place at State!
A little more progress on the shed--a roof!
Finally getting around to decorating Kyler's bedroom.  Still need to make a headboard and get a night stand but we're making progress!
Trevin's new favorite color is neon green. He is easy to spot at recess when I drive by. :)
Ready for the FFA Convention in Twin Falls
Kierstyn ran track during the month of April. She loved the hurdles (and was awesome!). She also ran on a relay team and threw discus.
10 days before family pictures Kyler (AKA "Grace") did a flip off the trampoline and landed on his face on the gravel driveway. This was taken the same evening and sadly I was not too sympathetic because all I could think of was how he had just ruined our family pictures. Thank goodness it healed up quickly and through the magic of a little Photoshop our family pictures were saved!
Dyeing Easter eggs!
Kierstyn really got into it and showed some major creativity.

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