Monday, April 7, 2014


As usual, I have a random assortment of iPhone and Instagram pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Date night to see Les Miserables. It was WONDERFUL and Kierstyn and I both loved it (and I loved hearing her sing the songs for weeks afterwards too)! Trevin, on the other hand, tolerated it.
 First it was MacGyver, then it was The Andy Griffith Show. Thank you Netflix!
 Wrestling his BFF
Kelly just happened (yeah, right) upon Torrey Pines golf course on a work trip so of course he had to play.
 Practicing for her report on Central African Republic
 March was Book Fair so I was in charge of the PTO bulletin board.
 Special delivery! Windows and doors for the shed finally arrived.
We've been collecting frames and pictures for Kierstyn's room since we moved in and we finally got them up on the wall. I'll have to take another picture when we actually get something in all the frames (and she makes her bed).
 A Sunday afternoon hike up to the R with the family. That's our town down there!
 St. Patty's Day fun....never a dull moment with this one!
Kierstyn's class at church did nails one night. Pretty cute for a girl with no fingernails!
Tank v. Bird.
Tank 1     Bird 0
All the books at the Book Fair were too easy for my kids to read so I just had to figure out someone to buy books for! (I'm a book junkie!!!!) We made this Big Sis/Big Bro basket for Mary Kathryn's kids in St. George. 
Another fun house project! I wanted this saying on a sign so I made it. It was a bit time-consuming but worth it I think.

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