Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kim visits Idaho!

My long-awaited visit with Kim! So grateful for good friends who remain my friends even when geographical distances may be far. 

Kim came to stay for a few days before we headed down to BYU for Women's Conference. It was a bit windy the day Kim came to Malta. Guess we needed to welcome her properly.
Of course we can have fun doing anything (or nothing) together but I was so, so grateful for her help in finally getting my picture wall from dream-status to reality.  I envisioned this wall even before we moved in almost a year ago. I have been collecting frames and gathering pictures for so long that I can't even hardly believe it's actually up. Many thanks to Kim for spending an entire day of her visit helping me!

Kim gifted me this beautiful painting of the beach THAT SHE PAINTED HERSELF! I will definitely need this during the cold Idaho winters.

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