Friday, May 16, 2014

YW Graduation gifts

We have 4 Young Women graduating this year so this is what I came up with for gifts for them…..
I made these aprons out of old blue jeans using this tutorial. They were super easy and turned out pretty cute.
I had all the Young Women leaders (there are 7 of us) write 4 different recipes and some Hints/Tips. I made copies of them for all the girls and compiled these recipe books for them. I found some additional pages and cute tabs here. I want one!
I folded the aprons, stuck the recipe books in the pocket, and tied them with the apron strings. I wanted to give them something they could really use when they leave home. They all seemed to really like them.
I handed them out at Mutual on Wednesday night and we had a fun dessert to go along with it. I made pudding mousse cups and put these fun graduation caps on a stick in the cups. They were a big hit too.


Ashley said...

That's awesome Jen! I want to be one of your young women. You are so thoughtful! Your trip looked fun, and I love seeing your updated house pic!

Mary said...