Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Camp ROCk: Girls Camp 2014

As a leader in my church's Young Women program I had the opportunity to attend Girls Camp with 15 girls and 7 other leaders. Our camp was Camp ROCk (Rely On Christ) and we went to City of Rocks. 

Here we are all loaded up and ready to go!
 The first day we set up camp (tents), fed the chipmunks, & went horseback riding. 
We also tried very hard to stay warm and dry since the weather had decided this would be a good week to be 30-40 degrees and rain and snow! Yes, I said SNOW!!!

We managed to sleep the first night in tents even though the temperature was below freezing, it was raining, and the tents got wet. By morning we had a decision to make: stay at City of Rocks and experience "survival camp" or move locations and actually be able to do all the things our camp leaders had planned. We chose option #2 and it was definitely the right choice. We packed up and headed to MY house for the remainder of camp! Yep, 23 young women/women sleeping on the floor in my basement! It was so fun!

Before we left camp the girls were able to go rock climbing. We did crafts & skits at my house and had campfires in my back yard. We went back to City of Rocks the next day for our hike and swimming at the hot springs.

4-mile hike
awesome leaders!
Our last night we had a guest speaker, dinner, & testimony meeting around the campfire back at my house.

It was definitely a Girls Camp to remember!

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