Monday, June 23, 2014

Kierstyn goes to Florida

Kierstyn went to Florida at the beginning of June. I thought it might be fun for her to write this blog post so here goes:

I was so excited to go to Florida! I had the opportunity to go on tour for my singing/dancing group Showtime USA. I got to learn dances and meet tons of new people!
We are so ready for this week!
All up and ready for our 5 o'clock trip to the airport!
The two besties goofing off on the plane!
We made it to Florida!!! Now let the fun begin...
We spent our first free day at the beach!
And then the next…
with all of our Showtime friends
We couldn't resist grabbing some fro-yo while we were there. 
Visiting Boyd at Chick-fil-A
We went downtown St. Augustine on one of our free nights and toured all the little shops.
Castillo De San Marcos Fort
French Fry Heaven
Our first show on tour 
Signing autographs after
I think this girl was born into the wrong family! She will always be my little sister that I never had! We had a little make-up session before the night club! Hers was definitely more appealing than mine was! :)
The two crazies on their way to the night club! Did I hear Partaaaayyy!!!
One of our tour roommates.
 I was speechless when I saw him for the first time. I will definently visit him again!
 The whole crew together on our last night! 
We had fun with the showtime banner :)
 The whole crew
 On our way back:(

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