Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Here's what we were up to in May...

My busy girl made her SUMMER bucket list at the beginning of MAY!!! 100 things to do this summer.  Knowing her, she'll get every. single. one. of. them. done.
 We had a hike/weenie roast for one of our Wednesday night Mutual activities. The view was beautiful!
 Silly dog chooses to sit on the back steps in the rain instead of going into his dog house where it's dry. (He's getting so big!)
 My Mother's Day included breakfast in bed made by Kierstyn…all by herself! It was so, so delicious!
 And she made me a beautiful bouquet of flowers too. And they're made out of paper so they won't die!
I bought a violin and I'm taking lessons! :) I've wanted to learn how to play the violin since we lived in  Alabama and there's a girl that just moved here that teaches violin so I'm going for it!
 5th grade DARE graduation
Brace yourself. KIERSTYN HAS STOPPED BITING HER NAILS. I cannot believe this is even happening but she has gone several weeks without biting them and they are starting to look so beautiful.
 Another goal of mine is to memorize the Proclamation on the Family. We're learning it together as a family. It might take me forever but I'm determined to do it!
 Babysitting this handsome fella!
Spent a morning at my favorite place…the Twin Falls temple
We've been hard at work doing more landscaping. I'm loving it!

 Trevin bought a remote control race car with his birthday money and he and Kyler made a cool track for it.

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