Friday, June 27, 2014

Ragnar Wasatch Back: Year 2!

The Speedy Spuds did it again
 Our awesome van decorations!
 At the starting line
My first leg was 8 miles up Avon Pass. I was soooooo lucky because it rained a little before we started so the dusty, dirty trail was only slightly muddy. This really was a blessing because usually the dust/dirt kicked up from the vans driving by makes for a very, very dirty run. I walked most of the uphill parts (HELLO--it is a MOUNTAIN PASS people!) but there were quite a few rolling hills that I was able to run. It was so beautiful I had to stop and take a picture!
 The funnest part this year was the Scott Running Instagram contest we participated in. There was a list of 20 or so things we had to do/find and take a picture of for the contest and we completed them all! Aaaaaaaand……we won!!!!!! The prize was an all-sports package (shoes, goggles, shirt, helmet!) for all 12 of our teammates! Here are just a few of our winning Instagram shots. :)

Team pyramid at Oakley fairgrounds
 Handstands in front of a monument (it took a few tries and some Photoshopping but we finally got it!)
 Making a snow angel

At the finish line!!!

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