Monday, July 14, 2014

Book of Mormon Read-a-thon

Last weekend I hosted a 24-hour Book of Mormon Read-a-thon for the Young Women in my ward. Not many of the girls were able to come but it was still worth it for the ones who did. These 3 stuck it out to the very end!
A few of the other YW leaders were able to stop in for a couple of hours at a time but Lela was there for the whole thing!
We did a combination of reading aloud in a group, listening to the audio version (at 1.75x speed), and reading silently to ourselves. I also invited some "guest readers" to come in and read for a bit. It was nice to hear someone else's voice after awhile!
Our cute Stripling Warriors :)
 We read from 10am-10pm on Friday and from 8am-8pm on Saturday. I made sure that all our meals were simple and we continued to listen as we ate. And of course we had plenty of snacks. :) This was our progress after the first day:
 These girls *might* have been a little silly by the end…..
 …..but they DID IT! And I am so proud of them!!!

In preparation for the Read-a-thon I scoured the Internet for other people's experiences with this sort of thing. Here are a few sites I found helpful:

What we ate:
Friday lunch-Hawaiian haystacks
Friday dinner-pizza
Saturday lunch-pancakes, sausage, & fruit
Saturday dinner-lasagna, salad, and garlic bread

Snacks-caramel popcorn, string cheese, fruit, granola bars, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, Pringles, Chex mix

Next time (next time?!?!?) I will do a few things differently….
While I think it IS possible to read the whole BoM in 24 hours it would require a lot more reading to yourself to actually get it done in that amount of time. Reading silently, however, is kind of boring in this kind of setting (and it made us sleepy!) so I think next time I would either make sure we had more than 24 hours or have them read 1st and 2nd Nephi beforehand. I did my best to combine all the reading schedules I could find to try to figure out how long it would take but we had to make modifications along the way. We ended up skipping over most of Ether (I told them they could read it the next day) so that we could end with Moroni. It was a great experience!

 I made these thank yous for the guest readers:


Ashley said...

Really awesome Jen! I am totally impressed. And man if I knew I would get some of your popcorn, I would have been there in a heartbeat!

Mama Mary said...

So amazingly amazing ~ HOWEVER, this does NOT surprise me ~ typical Jenderful style! Kudos to YOU, your tenacious YW, all the readers and of course the Stripling Warriors! OXOXOXOXO Love it all ~ love you more!!!