Sunday, November 9, 2014

Iowa - Celebration of Grandma Dirks' life

My Grandma passed away on October 30 so Kierstyn and I headed to Iowa for a few days to celebrate Grandma's long life and spend time with extended family. My grandma lived 98 1/2 years and I know she was super happy to be free of physical pain and especially to be reunited with my grandpa.

Kierstyn sang "You Raise Me Up" at the funeral and it was so, so beautiful.
 I am so glad I decided to bring her with me. She had such a fun time with my cousin's kids. 
Top: Macy, Nicole, Kierstyn, Maria, Kori
Bottom: Drew, Levi, Reece, Tade
 My cousins
 3 generations
 Flowers from the 12 great-grandchildren
flowers from Kenco Fleet Services
 There is a lake about 5 minutes from my aunt's house where Kierstyn and I went to run. It was a perfect place to reflect on my grandma's long life and the legacy she left.
 Flying home

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Ashley said...

Oh wow 98! That's so awesome. I love that picture of the scenery by her house. Makes me want to visit the east someday :-) Anything past Denver is east to me! That's neat Kierstyn sang there, I'm sure it was a great addition to the funeral.