Sunday, November 30, 2014


We took Sis to a Utah State volleyball game before we headed to Iowa & Kelly headed to TN in early November. She got to watch her coaches (from volleyball camp last summer) play.
Thankful for this challenge from Mama Mary for the month of November
 BEAUTIFUL November day for a playoff game
 Young Womens in Excellence program at church
 a little snow on the road….didn't last long
 That night we thought we had a mouse in the top of our cabinet….which turned out to be the shadow of a fly circling the can light. We all got a good laugh!
 The month of November was full of basketball games and wrestling meets.
 Reminiscing my kids' first day of Kindergarten
Kierstyn spent hours and hours on this project for her reading class. It turned out amazing!
Cute Trevin excited for his first Scout Camp out!
 Dinner at Perkins after seeing Mockingjay :)
Grandma came for Thanksgiving!
 Kierstyn did a beautiful job decorating the table.
 After Thanksgiving dinner was eaten and cleaned up we made spritz cookies with my Grandma's cookie press and had Christmas.
 And all too soon she was on her way home. :( Bye Grandma!
 Trev can make anything look good.
 Zach & Chloe's wedding in the Logan temple

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Meghan said...

the mouse and the fly is the best picture ever!