Monday, November 3, 2014


We got tickets to go to General Conference! (Thanks, Adam!!) We went to the Sunday morning session and sat in the 11th row. It was so awesome. We met Elder Clarke (of the Seventy) in the lobby before we went in. He came over and introduced himself and shook all the kids' hands and chatted with us for a minute. Then he ended up saying the opening prayer. Pretty cool.
 I hope the kids will always remember what it feels like to be so close to a prophet of God.
 On the way home we stopped at Antelope Island and took in the Great Salt Lake. It was such a beautiful day!
In Young Womens, we held a leadership night for the girls. We talked about being builders and wreckers.

 Kierstyn went back for her 2nd orthodontic appointment and got cute new bands. :)
 Trevin spent one Sunday afternoon drawing and drawing and drawing...
 Happy Mail arrived from Mama Mary!
 One of my biggest accomplishments for the year….I FINALLY finished the quilt I started nearly 2 years ago. The whole thing is made from scraps I had leftover from things I have made over the years. It's not very perfect but I love it very much. :)
 Book Fair bulletin board
 Another finished project was my 2012 blog book. Yes, I was playing catch-up. Thankfully I have already done 2013. But it's definitely time to get started on 2014!
 Jewelee designed a logo for Kelly's gym and got tshirts made.
My sleeping buddy
After 4 weeks in a (green!) cast, Trevin finally got it off! 
 Happy boy!

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