Sunday, March 1, 2015


What a wonderful month we've had!

A day with Baby Wil
 Trevin hard at work. :) Homeschooling is going GREAT! We are both learning so much.
Learning about layers of the atmosphere:
 Took this picture and sent it to family back in TN. Just had to rub in the fact that Idaho has been SO MUCH WARMER than TN this month.
Beautiful Kierstyn on her way to the Valentines Day Teen Dance
My friend Jen and I (and baby Wil) enjoyed the sunshine at Pomerelle for school ski day

Layover day in Atlanta….went to the temple with my sweetheart

 Kierstyn's first club volleyball tournament in Boise. Her team won the silver division!
Beautiful rainbow in Boise

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Mama Mary said...

Wonderful month!!!! May all mothers/fathers of home-schoolers be so blessed to have students as wonderful as Trevin! He taught me that 11 ~ almost 12 ~ year olds can be totally responsible and independent! Incredible student. I too saw a huge rainbow when I landed in Boise. Thank you for sharing part of your month with me!! OXOXOX