Saturday, April 4, 2015


All dressed up
 Wrestling tournament in Jerome
 Showtime performance at the Magic Valley Mall in Twin

Horseback riding with Tegan 

Signing up for Drivers Ed (!)
I have participated on a community committee for the past year trying to get the school bond passed. Election day was March 10 and IT PASSED!!!!!
 Planning our Washington, D.C. trip itinerary was part of our Social Studies unit
 They were undefeated at this tournament!
 Kierstyn played the role of Mildred the Maid in the school drama production of Rest Assured.
Jewelee & Sadie tagged along with me as I added one more to my list of temples--the Bountiful, UT temple 
 I finally won the battle and Tank found a new home.
 Saying good-bye
 Came home to beautiful blue skies and (almost) green grass after Spring Break
 District Wrestling tournament in Buhl
 Scott helped Kierstyn learn how to change a tire….a driver's ed requirement

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