Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Road Trip: CA (more pictures to come...when I get them from everyone else's phones)

We left Idaho on June 11 and spent a month on the road. First stop: California

...with a stop in Las Vegas :) Kelly couldn't wait to take the boys to the mall where "you think you're outside but you're really not."
 Kelly worked in Ontario for a week while the boys and I shopped and swam. And Trevin tried fried ice cream for the first time. 
 Sis flew to CA from Florida on Thursday night. All together again!...and headed to the beach--yes!!! Our car was seriously piled high.
Aside from the minor (ok, major) freak-out I had when Kyler and Kierstyn disappeared, the beach was a blast!
 Date night: Newport Beach temple
 We even witnessed a Guiness Book World Record (most people riding a wave on a surfboard) while at Huntington Beach
 view from our room
 We drove by the San Diego temple one night
and then went back the next day to see it in the daytime. :)

The kids took surfing lessons in Del Mar 

 Happy Fathers Day!
 On our way to Phoenix we took the (extra long) way through Joshua Tree National Park

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