Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look who made breakfast

Kyler and his cousin Landon wanted to make breakfast this morning all by themselves. (I offered to help. Really, I did.) They googled "how to make scrambled eggs" and found a recipe to feed "two hungry people." They were set!
They even let me have a bite. It was DELICIOUS!!


Dawn, said...

Ingenuity of youth, love it. When I want biscuits and gravy... Christian is my 'go to' guy. I keep telling him that there is something incredibly attractive about a man that can cook :)!

Meghan said...

that is so awesome!! those boys are fabulous! if only Heath could be anything like them.

p.s. Trevin has been a perfect child!

Quincy Sorensen said...

For some reason, it strikes me superbly funny that they googled how to make scrambled eggs. Imagine the possibilities!

Wendyrful said...

How did we LIVE before the internet! Ha ha ha! I love that they just figured it all out by themsleves and did a great job!