Monday, October 5, 2015

Let's Build Another House {Sept. 27-Oct. 3}

Tiling the master shower & tub
 Closet building in progress
Master closet 
shoe shelf :)
 closet in piano room
 Door to piano room....prepping for barn (sliding) door hardware
 Ready to paint trim & closets upstairs
 Block wall construction under way

 More work on the block wall
Left side of house
 They poured the concrete decking around the pool!
 Master shower complete

The trim and interior doors are all painted too!.....I didn't get many pictures at the end of the week/Saturday because there were always workers at the house--yay, workers!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Finally got my hands on a few peaches. These won't last long.
 Cute new haircut
 Meghan came for a quick visit! So fun to spend some time with her. Her friend Chad and his 3 kids came too and we all went to watch the sunset at Dixie Rock.
 Had to take Kyler to get an immunization that we somehow missed. In the elevator I noticed the boys' shirts...Coast to Coast, haha!
 Catching up on blog book making
 Kyler and some friends drove up to Provo for the BYU v. BSU game. They stayed at Chad's house and had a little fun with this wig.
 Kierstyn is finally learning to play her guitar. :) 
 Trevin won a Crossfit competition at the park. He won a t-shirt, $10 to Yogurtland and $10 to Swig!
Last Saturday Kierstyn volunteered at a Suicide Prevention Walk. I dropped her off early that morning and got to see this awesome hot air balloon on my way home.
 School pictures
 We attended a moon watching party to see the red moon/lunar eclipse. It was really cool.
We made our own Kneaders French toast complete with caramel syrup and homemade fresh whipping cream (thanks to Kierstyn) and strawberries (cut up skillfully by Trevin). It was delicious but even more fun because we all worked together.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Oh how we LOVE our sweet and crazy Kierstyn! She definitely makes life a whole lot more interesting for our family and we LOVE her for that! She radiates beauty from the inside out. I am so thankful for her example of thoughtful service and Christ-like love for all people. I hope that when I grow up I can be just like her!!!
Her birthday was on a Tuesday which was school, play rehearsal & Mutual at church so we took her out to eat the night before.
 She got THE SWEETEST PRESENT from her best friend, Ashlee--52 handmade cards of 52 reasons why she loves her.
 And we bought her this daybed for her new room--HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!
 This is a picture Kierstyn saw around her birthday and she loved it. I do too.  I can't think of a more fitting picture to describe her future and all the amazing things I know she will accomplish!

Homecoming 2015

Kierstyn's Homecoming dance was September 12. She is on Student Council so she was excited to help plan, set up and clean up afterwards. The theme was A Starry Night and the venue was just beautiful. She mostly helped take tickets but she also danced a few dances. She was definitely the most beautiful girl there!

 Kyler's Homecoming was September 26. He asked his friend Jess to go with him.
And this was her answer...
 They had a group day date boating at Sand Hollow then came back to get ready before pictures, dinner and the dance.
He really enjoyed getting to know all the kids in his group.