Monday, June 1, 2015


Where we hope our new house will be built...
The kids and I went to the Payson LDS temple open house on our way back home from St. George.
 Elementary school track meet fun--Tug-of-war
 "Dessert Theater" for Kierstyn's drama class
Kyler's guitar class concert
 Those last few weeks of pack-it-all-in-before-school-gets-out is rough!
 See what I mean :)
 ....and the packing begins
 I got a new car!
3 of my loves...
 I've been training for a 1/2 marathon in June so I've enjoyed these beautiful days!
and beautiful sunsets!
and bike rides!
 The kids are going to miss all their friends here. 
8th grade trip to Cherry Hill
These kids are SENIORS now!
  We began our days in Idaho with Trevin digging a hole and we're ending it the same way, ha!
 Roping and rabbit hunting with his buddy Tegan

School's OUT for Summer!

What a year we've had! 

First & last day of 6th grade
 First & last day of 8th grade
 First & last day of 11th grade
(That means I have a SENIOR now! How did THAT happen?!?!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What time is it? SHOWTIME!

Since moving to Idaho, Kierstyn has had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Showtime, USA, a singing-dancing-performing group. Right up her alley. :) It's sad to think that this chapter is closing. Here are some pictures from a show they did at the Pocatello mall.

BYU Women's Conference {Twenty-Fifteen}

Another super fun year with my favorite friends!
I picked up Nat & Kim at the airport on Tuesday morning and we drove to Park City.

We shopped and talked and ate and talked some more. :)
The next morning we went for a hike in BEAUTIFUL Park City!
After our hike we took a beautiful scenic drive through Provo canyon and spent some time at the Provo temple.
We also made a quick stop to check out the Provo City Center temple.
We attended BYU Women's Conference on Thursday and Friday.....wearing our matching shirts and carrying our matching bags. :)
 Friday afternoon we headed up to Salt Lake City. 
Saying good-by on Saturday morning....

Miss these girls SO MUCH but I am grateful for these annual girls trips!