Thursday, July 31, 2014


I did the Advocare 24-day challenge this month. I really like how eating healthy food and drinking lots of water makes my body feel.
 We held a Youth Wrestling Camp and had Andrew Hochstrasser come as our clinician. He was great and the boys really loved him. He stayed at our house for 3 days and after our camp was over he went to Mexico for the Pan-Am games…where he won gold!
 My garden was pathetic but we did get a couple handfuls of peas and they were yummy. Next year...
 Cleaning out an old folder I found some cute notes from days gone by:
 My beauty all dolled up for a Vocal Camp recital
 Youth Conference 2014 was so much fun! We only had 3 girls but us leaders had a great time too. I am so grateful for the amazing women I get to work with. It was also lots of fun to watch Kyler. :)
The 3 A's, me, Des, Brooke, & Tami

Monday, July 28, 2014

Crossfit Games in CA

Kierstyn was at volleyball camp, Kyler and I went to a church Youth Conference….so Kelly took Trevin to the Crossfit Games in CA. Such a hard life he lives, haha!
Scott & Zach came along too.
Trevin enjoyed the beach and getting to hang out with Zach and his now-fiance, Chloe…riding around in Chloe's aunt's mini cooper.
 Riding go-carts!

Utah State Volleyball Camp

Kierstyn was very excited to go to Utah State for a week this summer to volleyball camp. She roomed with Sidney and worked hard (and came home very tired!). She learned lots about being a setter and is ready for volleyball season to begin. :)
 the Malta girls
Hannah, Kierstyn, Sidney, & Dakota
 Kierstyn's favorite coach/UT State player: 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Indian Hot Springs

We have had a busy summer and there haven't been many days (I could count them on one hand!) we've found ourselves with nothing to do. Last week Kelly & Kyler were off whitewater rafting and Kierstyn was at vocal camp so Trevin and I decided to head to Indian Hot Springs with some friends for some sunshine and an afternoon of fun. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Date Day with Trevin

Yesterday was my day to drive the Malta girls to and from Vocal Camp so Trevin and I decided to go to Twin for the day. I wanted to go for a hike but couldn't find anything close to town so we settled on a walk on the Snake River Canyon Trail.
The views were so pretty!
 We did some shopping and some eating and went to see Maleficent. I love one-on-one time with my kids!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Book of Mormon Read-a-thon

Last weekend I hosted a 24-hour Book of Mormon Read-a-thon for the Young Women in my ward. Not many of the girls were able to come but it was still worth it for the ones who did. These 3 stuck it out to the very end!
A few of the other YW leaders were able to stop in for a couple of hours at a time but Lela was there for the whole thing!
We did a combination of reading aloud in a group, listening to the audio version (at 1.75x speed), and reading silently to ourselves. I also invited some "guest readers" to come in and read for a bit. It was nice to hear someone else's voice after awhile!
Our cute Stripling Warriors :)
 We read from 10am-10pm on Friday and from 8am-8pm on Saturday. I made sure that all our meals were simple and we continued to listen as we ate. And of course we had plenty of snacks. :) This was our progress after the first day:
 These girls *might* have been a little silly by the end…..
 …..but they DID IT! And I am so proud of them!!!

In preparation for the Read-a-thon I scoured the Internet for other people's experiences with this sort of thing. Here are a few sites I found helpful:

What we ate:
Friday lunch-Hawaiian haystacks
Friday dinner-pizza
Saturday lunch-pancakes, sausage, & fruit
Saturday dinner-lasagna, salad, and garlic bread

Snacks-caramel popcorn, string cheese, fruit, granola bars, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, Pringles, Chex mix

Next time (next time?!?!?) I will do a few things differently….
While I think it IS possible to read the whole BoM in 24 hours it would require a lot more reading to yourself to actually get it done in that amount of time. Reading silently, however, is kind of boring in this kind of setting (and it made us sleepy!) so I think next time I would either make sure we had more than 24 hours or have them read 1st and 2nd Nephi beforehand. I did my best to combine all the reading schedules I could find to try to figure out how long it would take but we had to make modifications along the way. We ended up skipping over most of Ether (I told them they could read it the next day) so that we could end with Moroni. It was a great experience!

 I made these thank yous for the guest readers:

Monday, June 30, 2014


Trevin started summer off with a mohawk.
 a morning run up Pomerelle in preparation for Ragnar
 Finally printed some pictures to go in those frames...
 First item checked off my summer bucket list: get a library card
 June is baseball/softball month around here….
Trev at bat
 Trev rounding 3rd
 Sis pitching at co-ed church softball tournament
 Kyler driving (hoping to check "get driver's license" off his summer bucket list)
 My little pyro discovering that a magnifying glass can indeed start a fire