Monday, April 7, 2014


As usual, I have a random assortment of iPhone and Instagram pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Date night to see Les Miserables. It was WONDERFUL and Kierstyn and I both loved it (and I loved hearing her sing the songs for weeks afterwards too)! Trevin, on the other hand, tolerated it.
 First it was MacGyver, then it was The Andy Griffith Show. Thank you Netflix!
 Wrestling his BFF
Kelly just happened (yeah, right) upon Torrey Pines golf course on a work trip so of course he had to play.
 Practicing for her report on Central African Republic
 March was Book Fair so I was in charge of the PTO bulletin board.
 Special delivery! Windows and doors for the shed finally arrived.
We've been collecting frames and pictures for Kierstyn's room since we moved in and we finally got them up on the wall. I'll have to take another picture when we actually get something in all the frames (and she makes her bed).
 A Sunday afternoon hike up to the R with the family. That's our town down there!
 St. Patty's Day fun....never a dull moment with this one!
Kierstyn's class at church did nails one night. Pretty cute for a girl with no fingernails!
Tank v. Bird.
Tank 1     Bird 0
All the books at the Book Fair were too easy for my kids to read so I just had to figure out someone to buy books for! (I'm a book junkie!!!!) We made this Big Sis/Big Bro basket for Mary Kathryn's kids in St. George. 
Another fun house project! I wanted this saying on a sign so I made it. It was a bit time-consuming but worth it I think.

Monday, March 31, 2014

District Wrestling Champ

Trevin wrestled in the District tournament on Saturday. He wrestled 5 matches and won all of them! 1st place!!! He was so excited because he beat all of the the kids that had beaten him earlier this year. 
Way to go, Champ!
Mama Mary & Grand-daddy were able to come too. What a fun surprise!

 Love these wrestlers!
Trevin's cute fans

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break Part 3: Brian Head

We left Hurricane on Wednesday morning and headed to Brian Head for a day of snowboarding. Sunny and 81 to snowy and 32 in only an hour and a half! The snowboarding wasn't great. It was windy so several of the ski lifts were closed and the kids said it was pretty icy but I think they still had fun. It started snowing about 3:00 and it was a blizzard! The kids couldn't even see so we picked them up and headed to the hotel where they spent the rest of the evening hot tubbing, eating and playing pool.
This was the hotel parking lot the next morning.
And lots of snow on the van as we headed home.
 I think this is proof that Spring Break 2014 was a success! :) 
(Love my sleeping babes!!!!!)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trevin turns 11!

My baby is 11! We spent his birthday day driving home from Southern UT but we stopped at Cracker Barrel (Trevin's choice) for dinner and then surprised him after wrestling practice with brownies, ice cream, and the Spencer family!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break Part 2: Hurricane, UT

Kelly's baby sister just had her 6th baby so we got lots of baby snuggles in!
Sweet Baby Brant

 The kids always love playing with their cousins.
 The boys played several rounds of golf and Kierstyn and I went to see Divergent. :)

 Best picture of the week!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break Part 1: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & the drive to Southern UT

The boys left for Oklahoma so Kierstyn and I started our Spring Break off with a "Mental Health" Day (she skipped school) and a quick shopping trip into Burley on Thursday. On Friday we cleaned house, then had pizza and watched Frozen!
Saturday morning we headed to Salt Lake for a FULL day of shopping!
Yummy Cafe Zupas!
Sunday morning we picked up Kelly at the airport (the boys drove with Al from OKC to St. George) and headed down south...the scenic way!
Kelly talked me into climbing all the way up on top of this! I was ok until I got to the top and realized I was going to have to get back down. Yikes!
Beautiful Zion National Park....we didn't get through the whole thing but what we did see was beautiful. I'm looking forward to going back.