Sunday, July 26, 2015

St. George LDS temple

We are so blessed to live just 10 minutes from this beautiful temple. On July 15, Mary Kathryn and I went with all the kids to do baptisms. It was Trevin's first time to go and he was pretty excited. :)

Week in Provo

We spent a day at Seven Peaks with our dear friends, the Palmers.
 We spent a quick few minutes (it was sooooooooo hot that day) at the "This is the Place" monument.
 We hiked the Y on the 4th of July. Brielle & Brooklyn came with us too.
Kyler & Kierstyn went to EFY (they stayed in the dorms on campus) and Trevin went to a Speed & Power Sports Camp at BYU.  Kelly was traveling for the week. I picked up Trevin every day at 8pm but I had the whole long day, every day to myself. I hiked the Y three more times, went to the Mt. Timpanogos LDS temple, ran, shopped, read, and slept. :)
On Friday night Kelly, Trevin and I hiked up to the Y to watch the sunset.

Friday, July 24, 2015

EFY {Especially For Youth} 2015

Kyler & Kierstyn spent a week at EFY in Provo! Best money ever spent. Period. They had such a GREAT experience and made friends and increased their testimonies. The spirit they had when they came home was just amazing.
Their cousins, Chase & Landon came all the way from TN to go to EFY the same week.
Here was a throwback picture we took the first day. :)

Preston, their "kind of cousin", came from CO to join in the fun. (Preston is Chase's cousin on the other side of the family.)
Kyler with his EFY counselors: Jared & Beka
Kyler & his company 
Some of the really great friends he made at EFY
Fabio, Nathan, Rachel, Tyler & Kyler
 Kierstyn had a pretty awesome company too.
Kierstyn's counselors
Alyssa, Garrett, & Lauren

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Little Brown Church

I love this photo SO much! My mom was in Iowa this summer and she went with her sister and aunts and cousins to The Little Brown Church where my grandma and grandpa were married. :)

Girls Camp 2015: Standing Together

 3rd year campers :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015