Monday, January 18, 2010

Pantry Challenge: Week 2

I'm hanging in there....only 2 weeks to go.

Grocery total for Week 2: $43.42

9 bananas
1 dozen eggs
1 cucumber
10 apples
3 bunches Romaine
1 bag spinach
tortilla chips
jar of minced garlic
sliced ham
sliced turkey
lg. yogurt
2 gallons milk
1 gallon chocolate milk (I had a coupon so it was FREE!)

What we ate this week:
Mon.-crockpot sweet & sour chicken with carrots and rice
Tues.-Chicken spaghetti, corn, banana cream pudding w/fruit
Fri.-Date night...J.Alexanders :) Kids ate chicken nuggets, carrots, and apples
Sat.- Homemade cheese pizza & popcorn
Sun.-Whole wheat rotini w/cheese, fruit/protein smoothies


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Natalie said...

Way to go! Sounds like this pantry challenge is going well.

hope said...

I love weekly shopping for produce and dairy and not worrying about the other stuff!!