Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Recap

*wrestling, wrestling, & more wrestling (season is almost over)
*currently (as we speak) wiggling his front tooth in hopes that it will come out TONIGHT

*won 3rd grade spelling bee
*planning a "fair" to be held this summer in MM/GD's backyard to benefit Haiti

*enjoying Scouts...made a bow and arrow
*finished his Faith in God! :)

*traveling a AZ, IL, & OH
*went to State wrestling tournament (and watched Alex win!)
*house projects: installing sinks in all the bathrooms, painted trim in l. room, & made a frame for tapa cloth
*ran Scenic City 1/2 Marathon

*hosted RS luncheon so cleaned house and re-decorated
*starting to think about Girls Camp

1 comment:

mm said...

Awesome!! Yippee, whoo-hoo, kudos to Kyler for completing his Faith in God! SO, SO, SO proud of him!!
Lots of rewarding accomplishments for entire fam! OXOXOX