Monday, October 25, 2010

Quite possibly the most fun game you will ever play

The game: "Cookie Face"

How to play: Lean your head back and place a cookie on your forehead. With your hands behind your back and using only your facial muscles, move the cookie from your forehead down your face and into your mouth.

The winner: Whoever gets the cookie in their mouth (without using their hands!) first

**Warning!**Excessive laughter will most definitely occur as a result of playing this hilarious game.**

(Thanks, MM/GD for introducing this fun game to us!)


Mama Mary said...

Thanks for the laughs - just WAY too funny!! Don't know who looks funniest - you all win!! :>)

hope said...

LOVE that game!!! I am going to have to introduce it here now!!!!

Natalie said...

This game looks like such fun. I love seeing all the pictures from your trip. What a fun family vacation!

Meghan said...

Oh man... those are awesome pictures! I love Trevin's the best. Well... and yours too!

Jennifer M. said...

I agree with Mary, not sure whose picture is funniest! How fun! Thanks for the great idea!!! :)