Thursday, November 25, 2010

1st Annual Meredith Family Turkey Trot

A new tradition! We're working on a more creative title than "Turkey Trot" but it will have to do for now. We ran our own 5K this morning in this beeeeeeeee-autiful November weather! The Greenfield family joined us in our inaugural race. :)

Halfway there!!!
a little fun along the way....
FINISHED!!!It may (or may not) be obvious from the pictures that the kids were a little less than enthusiastic about this new tradition. :) After our run we enjoyed a super yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Then we took even more advantage of this beautiful weather and went for a hike up on the mountain. The kids were much more excited about this adventure (even though it was even raining a little) and didn't want to turn back when it was starting to get dark. What a fun day!


J Family said...

Shorts?!?! It is freezing here. What a fun idea to do it as a family-- I may have to steal that idea.

danakat said...

Don't change the's perfectly hilarious!

Happy Thanksgiving!!