Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our White, White Christmas!

Kelly couldn't stand it any longer....none of the kids was especially eager to get outside so around 2:00 Kelly started putting on snow clothes and headed outside. Of course, everyone else followed close behind. :)

First up: building snow forts
We had a Girls vs. Boys snowball fight when the forts were completed. I'm not gonna say who won...

Kyler and Grandma made a snowman:

Then Kelly decided to improve upon the snow fort....and turned it into a snow castle!

Finally we headed across the street for a little sledding:

Whew! Playing in the snow sure is a lot of fun. And though I think everyone had a good time, I'm certain that Kelly had the best time of all!


Meghan said...

Kelly has ALWAYS been the funnest to play with in the snow!!

J Family said...

Ditto to Meghan!! Looks like a lot of fun. The best part of playing in the snow is going inside and getting warmed up after.

kg said...

Totally impressed with the castle! Nice job Kelly...and kids :)

Natalie said...

I love seeing all of your snow fun. Looks like Kelly had a great time, oh the kids too! :)