Sunday, June 26, 2011

June iPhone Pics

Swim meet

Fun in the sand at Riverbend
Trev's new do

Sleeping on the way home from wrestling camp
Happy Father's Day! Kyler, Kierstyn and I put together a cabinet in the garage for Kelly.
Washing Daddy's truck
Flowers from my yard

Playing trains at Mama Mary's house

Kierstyn and her cousin Calli had their nails done

Fried ice cream lollipop tree at a restaurant in Boise


Meghan said...

That fried ice cream looks amazingly yummy!!! And I love the train tracks the made at MM's house.

kg said...

Are those flowers from 'the bulbs'!? Pretty :)

Quincy Sorensen said...

Fun fun fun!

Jessica M said...

Eat my bubbles?? Hilarious. And what beautiful flowers. Wanna come do a makeover on my yard?

Mama Mary said...