Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Update

Kyler~arrived home at midnight on Friday after a week at Scout Camp. He walked in the front door, up the stairs and straight into the shower. Then of course he crashed in his own bed (which must have felt like heaven)...and didn't wake up until almost 3:00 the next day! He worked on several Merit badges at camp: Environmental Science, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, Camping, and Wilderness Survival. Last week he was invited to the VW Family Celebration with friends and loved it! He was front row at the Switchblade concert which he thought was way cool. Oh, and he shaved for the first time a couple weeks ago.

Kierstyn~has been enjoying Swim team practices and swam in her first meet last Thursday. She is making new friends and looooooves those cute coaches. :) She was a natural today at her first Diving Class and I think she's going to like that as well. She has had several playdates which always make her happy, one of which included wakeboarding on the river. She has been crafting nonstop--already making Christmas presents for her 20+ cousins. She was excited to finally get to shave her legs for the first time ever today. (*sniff* Where have my babies gone? *sniff*)

Trevin~also loves Swim team practices. He doesn't like getting up early though. :) I think his favorite part is the cute swim suit he gets to wear. I finally had to break down and buy a 2nd one for him because he was refusing to take his off (wear to swim practice, wear all day long, sleep in it, wear to swim practice again,...) He started the Diving Class today too and even though the coach was "25% mean" (Trevin's words) I think he liked it. Trevin has had a few playdates of his own. He also had his first piano lesson last week and has been practicing without being asked--so refreshing!

Jen~was happy to take a quick overnight trip to AL last week. It's always good to spend time with a dear friend. :) Kim took these beautiful pictures while we were there. Trying to keep up with the kids has been tiring but fun. I love summertime! Busy with Young Women--we had our campfire cookout last week and then Youth Conference over the weekend. Project for this week is painting a new bookcase that Kelly built for the boys' room.

Kelly~has been in Texas for over a week and we are glad he is home for a few days! We miss him when he's not here.


Kimberly Cone said...

haha. I remember some of my cute swim coaches, too! Your kids are awesome.

Karen said...

I love hearing about your summer. It's a fun time of year. I bet Kyler loved that shower.

Quincy Sorensen said...

It's always fun to know how you and your family are doing. When I was 8, I was in love with Paul Konapka, the cutest swimming coach ever.

Mama Mary said...

I had to let this all digest before commenting. Really struggling with all these GROWING UP milestones. Oh me, OH MY!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Remember well our first summer of crack of dawn swim lessons ~ Meghan was a newborn ~ not so fun ~ however, Kelly was a speedster in the water, as I imagine yours are. LOVE to all!!