Thursday, September 8, 2011


is very talented
is determined
is independent
is active
is talkative
is out-going
is a leader
is very thoughtful
loves to give and make things for others
loves to sing
is smart and gifted in many ways
Love, Dad


has the cutest freckles ever, especially the ones on her nose
loves to be the center of attention

still loves to read
--her favorite authors right now are Deborah Wiles & Sharon Creech
is very smart
is giving--she is always making something to give to someone, esp. her cousins
is a natural-born momma--she is sooooo good with little ones
loves to listen to music (while reading, while sleeping, pretty much all the time)

dreams of the "fame" she will have one day

loves to sing
is excited to have a lead part in the school musical

is easily distracted
likes boys

is brave and never scared to share the gospel

is fiercely independent

is my mini-me and my polar opposite

is a very good piano player
prefers friends who are older than her
shaves her legs(!)

would eat pizza every single day if she could
is amazing--just the way she is!

Love, Mom

She likes to listen to music
She loves horses
She likes to play football
She's athletic
She loves singing
She like acting
She likes playing school and house
Love, Kyler

is awesome
is nice
is the best
loves us
loves school
loves her teacher
loves her mom and dad
has a lot of freckles
is the mouth of the South
loves stuffed animals
loves her cousins
is thankful for the things she has
Love, Trevin

Happy Birthday to our one and only Sis!
We Love You!!!


kg said...

Eleven!!!!??? Happy Birthday beautiful K, all everything your family wrote is so true :)

danakat said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! She is the cutest!!

Mama Mary said...

Thought about our Kierstyn all day. Hope it was a happy day for her. I echo all the sentiments shared!