Monday, September 12, 2011


For those of you who don't already know or haven't figured it out, the Merediths are thinking it's time for a change. There are a lot of reasons that factor into our decision but they're mostly personal so I won't get into it here but we have decided that we would like a change of pace/lifestyle/scenery so we are contemplating a move out West. Our house is for sale and we believe that if this is what Heavenly Father wants for us, the way will be made possible. (And if it's not what He wants for us, then we are happy to stay right where we are.) So in preparation and anticipation of these changes we took a trip out to Idaho to visit with friends in the town we would like to move to.

We flew into Salt Lake and picked up our rental car:
Then spent a few hours at Temple Square...

We spent 5 1/2 days with our dear friends, the Hitt family, in the thriving metropolis (haha) of Malta, Idaho. The kids went to school one day, we went to a volleyball game, a high school football game, rode 4-wheelers and dirt bikes, played backyard football, relaxed in the hot tub, looked for houses, went to church, and lots of other fun things.

We visited the City of Rocks

and drove by a Relief Society building that was built in 1901(!)

A highlight for Kierstyn was our Girls Night Out to Chili's and The Band Perry concert!!!

All that fun wore these boys out!

.....stay tuned for future updates on our potential move. :)


Kimberly Cone said...


J Family said...

And with all that fun how would you all not want to move!! :) I am excited for you guys- wish it would of all happened faster so Alexis' dream would of come true. It sure would be nice to have more of MY family on this side of the map.

Natalie said...

Oh friend, I had to laugh when I saw your rental car...perfect!

I'm calling you today! :)

kg said...

I second the Boo.

Quincy Sorensen said...

That seems so far away . . . your life in Chattanooga seems dreamy. Good luck in your decision-making. Change can be good, but stressful!

Denise said...

OH my goodness!

Mama Mary said...

No comment. . . but I love the pictures!