Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exhibit Night--October

Trevin has been learning about ecosystems this quarter. Here is his red-tailed hawk (which lives in a meadow):And this is the flower he painted:______________________________________________________
Kierstyn has been studying the Civil War. Her Advanced Studies class participated in a wax museum for Exhibit Night. Kierstyn was quite the hit in her portrayal of Harriet Tubman:And here is Harriet with her good friend Abraham Lincoln :)
The 8th graders have been writing personal narratives. Kyler made this artwork to go with his personal narrative about his trip to Idaho this summer:And this is a little math problem he constructed:


J Family said...

Is the answer 144? What a fun thing your schools do- wish my kids had projects like that. Kierstyn looks pretty freaky actually. :)

Mama Mary said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE. . .and MK, be careful what you wish for! Your time is coming! These schools certainly cause one to think outside the box. Very nice T, K & K!!